Storytime Village hires individuals, ages 18-24, for our Summer Fellowship Program. Applicants will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills and obtain valuable work experience, with the added bonus of an education stipend or cash award at the end of the summer service.

Below are descriptions of the positions we are looking to fill. If you are interested, or you know someone who would fit the position well, you can apply below or contact for more information. 

Reading & Writing Instructors

The Reading & Writing Instructors will focus on providing the direct service of our summer camp to Wichita children. By the end of the service term, the team will have contributed to the outcome of an enhanced summer camp program to teach 3-5th graders reading and writing skills. The team will adjust and prepare lesson plans if necessary to fit a virtual platform, including pre-recording lessons and teaching live, virtually; planning morning energizers, reading curriculum, and healthy kids activities for each day of camp; lead campers through lessons and activities to help them finish a twenty page book, with 10 pages of writing and 10 illustrations.

Television Production Associates

The Production Associates will focus on support of Storytime Village the Show, including the creation of show sets and the day-to-day support of filming. By the end of the service term, the team will have contributed to the outcome of an enhanced educational television show and the capacity for more scenes to be filmed. The team will be produce/execute 4-5 background settings to be used in Storytime Village the Show, and help prepare 6-8 episodes for filming, including help with scripts, props, actors, filming schedule, etc.

Early Literacy Curriculum Developer

The Early Literacy Curriculum Developers will support the development of an early reader curriculum with Wichita State University’s College of Applied Studies. By the end of the summer, the team will have contributed to the outcome of an advanced early reader curriculum. The team will develop 25-20 "mini-lessons" to be incorporated into the reading curriculum and conduct 2-3 trials on the efficiency and ease of use of the curriculum through trial runs with early learners.

Community Outreach Associate

The Outreach Cohort will consist of 4 summer associates, who will focus on outreach initiatives such as book distributions and Storytime read-alouds in the community. By the end of the service term, the team will have contributed to the outcome of an enhanced literacy outreach initiative in the Wichita community. The team will produce and/or execute a weekly book distribution schedule, a bi-weekly Storytime read-aloud partnership with the Wichita Parks and Recreation department, monthly Little Free Library programming, and completion of Storytime Village's literacy bus.


Storytime Village partners with AmeriCorps VISTA to build capacity for our organization and expand current efforts to address the literacy issue in our community. 

Below are descriptions of the positions we are looking to fill. If you have questions, or you know someone who would fit the position well, contact for more information. 

To apply, see descriptions below.

Education Programs Coordinator

This VISTA will assess curriculum, materials, and administrative policies and procedures for Storytime Village's RISE program to help improve the quality of the literacy program; Evaluate and improve recruitment and registration systems for parent workshops and literacy mentor training to increase the number of parent and mentors receiving literacy services in Wichita, KS; evaluate volunteer coordination policies and procedures to increase the number of volunteers and to improve the training and support structures; Conduct capacity building research to support the creation of new curriculum for the Literacy Champions program.

Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator VISTA will work primarily to build Storytime Village’s capacity through coordination of special events that benefit underserved Kansas children from birth to age 8. The Special Events Coordinator will work closely with the Fundraising and Development Coordinator and Marketing and Communications Coordinator to build capacity for the organization through planning and execution of special events. Events will build community relationships and support annual fundraising efforts, while generating operational, unrestricted revenue. The event development and execution will aim to improve the low literacy rates of economically disadvantaged children in Wichita, Kansas.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

The VISTA will work closely with the Program Director to build and refine internal communication processes. This will include reviewing current internal communication practices and identifying communication challenges; researching solutions to communication challenges; presenting challenges and suggested solutions; and helping implement communication processes in the organization. The VISTA will also create a marketing plan to expand the organization’s external reach and garner more exposure for potential funding opportunities and strategic partnerships. 

Fundraising and Development Coordinator

The Fundraising & Development VISTA will serve to support the expansion and function of Storytime Village during this period of growth. The Development VISTA will build the capacity of the organization through the exploration of available community resources and the creation of grant proposals. The position will also include planning fundraising and donor acknowledgment events.

Targeted Community Outreach Coordinators

Our Targeted Community Outreach associates will support the development of Storytime Village's Literacy Center, while partnering with Wichita State's University Village to impact the neighborhoods surrounding the university and literacy center. The team will conduct community surveys and outreach to determine the needs of the community, support fundraising and other supportive measures to continue development of Storytime Village's Literacy Center, and partner with Wichita State to provide a minimum of 4 educational programs in the underserved communities surrounding the university and literacy center.

Marketing/Special Events Coordinators

The Marketing and Special Events Coordinators will focus on the areas of marketing and the Kansas Literacy Festival’s teacher conference, fundraising gala, and festival day. By the end of the service term, the team will have contributed to the outcomes of an enhanced marketing and social media reach of Storytime Village, as well as a more effective and community-centered schedule of events for the Kansas Literacy Festival. The team will create a social media content calendar, marketing campaign for Kansas Literacy Festival, and a blog content calendar, as well as coordinate volunteer sign-up and other necessary assignments for the Kansas Literacy Festival's teacher conference, gala, and festival day. 

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