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What is the Literacy Issue?

Why should churches get involved?

How your church can make an impact?

There are many ways your church can get involved. First, download the toolkit and then take a look at the links below:


Learn the basics:

Connect with organizations that provide literacy services:


Adopt your neighboring school:

- Facilitate a Family Literacy Night:

- Literacy Games:


Literacy is an issue that impacts everyone. Improving literacy skills leads to workforce development and economic growth. However, in many of our Kansas communities, our children are not reading at grade level. What do we need to do to change this? Who all must participate, and what must be done? In the book “It Takes a Church to Raise a Village” by Dr. Marva Mitchell, the writer asserts, “Who is responsible for the restoration and the nurturing of the village? ‘ I firmly believe that this is the Church’s responsibility as an agent of the Kingdom of God.”



The “It Takes a Church to Raise a Village” toolkit is designed to provide faith leaders with the tools and resources to make an impact on the literacy issue in your local community and ultimately the state of Kansas by establishing and strengthening relationships between churches, faith-based organizations, schools, and families in communities with the greatest need.


We pray that this will be a powerful tool to help transform communities through literacy.


We are here to help you serve the community. Let us know how we can be of support as you implement the program in your church.

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