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The mission of Storytime Village Inc., with the support of parents and the community, is to inspire a lifelong love of reading for underserved Kansas children from birth to age 8.

Storytime Village, Inc. is a Kansas based children's literacy nonprofit organization. With the support of parents and the community we inspire underserved children to read by providing them with free books and literacy resources. We recognize that, for children, books open doors to opportunities, new worlds and experiences, and overall build their self-esteem. For that reason, we strive to give every child in Kansas an opportunity for a better future through legacy.

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Since its beginning in 2009, Storytime Village has worked to help under served children thrive through partnerships and programs that provide early childhood development, family engagement around reading, access to books, and the literary arts. Over the years, programs like RISE (a family literacy program), the Literacy Champions high school leadership program, LEAP summer camp, and more, have helped us to impact over 25,000 children and families and distribute nearly 20,000 books to the children that need them the most.


During the summer,  Storytime Village works to ensure that the children and families we serve have the necessary literacy resources to combat an extended summer learning loss potential. The African adage, "it takes a whole village to raise a child" is more important than ever. This is accomplished with the help of our VISTA staff and summer associates.  

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