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Little Free Libraries

Storytime Village is working to eliminate "book desserts" by installing Little Free Libraries this month in underserved neighborhoods.
“Book deserts” are places where children and parents lack access to quality books. Our libraries help combat that. These libraries encourage literacy in the community or school they are partnered with. They are designed by local school and community members to accurately represent the culture and population of the area.


Storytime in the Park

This program engages local families and the Wichita community parks by setting up story times in parks where books are read aloud. Storytimes are followed by a book distribution where children can take books home to help build their home libraries.


Book Distributions

Storytime Village book distributions occur throughout the year at various locations. Children and their parents are able to pick up a free book to support literacy in the home. Stay tuned for book distribution updates, times, and locations on our social media pages.

Children's Book Institute

This will be a 16- week program that helps college students and adults in the community write and illustrate their own children's books to be published. We will walk them through editing and revision, polishing their final drafts, illustration, and publication of their stories-- to expand the ecosystem of children's books, and to sell in a future Storytime Village bookstore.


After School Program

Our after school program utilized the Reading Crossroads Structured Read- Aloud & Vocabulary Curriculum, which is a scripted curriculum based on popular award-winning children’s books. Students also participate in fun and engaging crafts and activities that inspire them to become better readers.


LEAP stands for Literature, Entrepreneurship, and the Arts Project. This is a program that is two-fold:

LEAP encourages children to become writers and illustrators while exploring the book-selling and self-publishing industries.

LEAP is also an outreach program that takes a bus into underserved communities providing access to books and bringing the families that needs us most arts in a variety of forms to inspire a lifelong love of reading.

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