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People, Pride, and Promise:

Book Drive


Securing access to books for our Kansas children is a crucial task, but it is also imperative that we supply books that celebrate Black stories--past, present, and future. That’s why, from February 8th-28th, for Black History Month, Storytime Village is encouraging a love of reading in our underserved Kansas children through our featured book: People, Pride, and Promise: The Story of the Dockum Sit-In.

We are asking that you support our initiative of putting this book into the hands of our Kansas third-graders.

Ron Walters had a dream of living in a place where he was treated fairly and equally. But in 1950s Wichita, he couldn’t even eat at a lunch counter because of the color of his skin. So, with the help of the NAACP Youth Council, Ron organized a sit-in at the local Dockum Drugstore to try and make a change in his city. 


People, Pride, and Promise brings to life the story of America’s first student-led lunch counter sit-in through the eyes of one of its organizers, Ron Walters. It is a story of hope, faith, struggle, and celebration, and it encourages young readers to see themselves as change-makers in their communities. The Dockum Sit-in inspired future protests throughout the Civil Rights movement, and with a purchase of a book, you can celebrate this history and inspire the love of reading in a child.

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