Literacy Through the Arts Conference

September 2 - 3, 2021

Wichita State University

Wichita, KS

This conference provides Professional Development sessions to educators, pre-service teachers, community members, and parents with opportunities to explore arts integration communities of practice. The intersection of arts in learning is magical for all students. It is a place where we see the transformative powers of the arts. A place where strategies raise student achievement and success, support educators, promote equity of access, nurture leadership and enliven the teaching and learning environment.


Presentation Titles

With Featured Presentations: 

Thursday, September 2nd: Literacy Through the Arts Conference 

@Wichita State University

Friday, September 3rd: Special Topic: Diversity and Equity in Literacy and Education @Wichita State University

Saturday, September 4th: Kansas Literacy Festival

@Fairmount Park, Wichita, KS

Dr. Carmen Tafolla

Award-winning Author & Poet Laureate of Texas, 2015

Dr. Gwendolyn Mukes

Elementary Educator and Actor

Sonia Manzano

"Maria" from Sesame Street

Thursday, Sept. 2

Friday, Sept. 3rd

Friday-Saturday, September 3-4

Thursday, September 2nd: Literacy Through the Arts Conference


This conference is scheduled to be an in-person event in September of 2021. All in-person events of the Kansas Literacy Festival will follow CDC and state guidelines for the safety of all participants. Local and state-wide health data will be monitored in the months prior to determine the exact safety guidelines for the event. Notices will be posted on the website and sent to all registrants. 

Arts Integration and Literacy

Arts Integration: An Introduction for Administrators, Arts Specialists, and Teachers        

Blackout Poems for Student Literacy

Connecting Literacy to Food, Gardens, and Cooking                                  

Creating an Illustrated Accordion Book                                                         

Early Learning Through Simple Songs

Exploring a New Professional Learning Model: Environmental Education Workshops that Connect Visual Literacy and STEM Subjects        

Exploring Literacy through Storytelling: The Salina Storytelling Project                 

Grab N’ Go Strategies for Art Integration and Literacy                                                                       

Haiku and Origami Stress Busters for Teachers                                                          

Hip Hop Spelling

Integrating Music, Movement, Drama, and the Arts in Literacy

Literacy and Ways of Knowing Through Arts-Based Interpretive Activities

Literacy Through Lyric Writing

Literacy Through Song Writing

Panel: Exploring Dyslexia

Poetry in Motion: Making Connections Through Writing and Moving

Respectful Representation: Intentionality in Classroom Literature

Serving Students with Dyslexia

Statewide Initiatives for Literacy and the Arts

Teacher Self-Care

The Back to School Daze

The Best Way to Read to a Child

The Music and Literacy Connection

Using Visual Supports to Support Literacy: A How to Approach

Visual Storytellers: Narrative Devices in Art


Friday, September 3rd: Special Topic: Diversity and Equity in Literacy and Education

African American Literacy Coalition and Educator Workshop

A Program Evaluation of an Early Learning Center for Disadvantaged Students

Poverty and Trauma's Impact on Children

Illustration and Diversity, Creative Approaches to Art Education

"Imitation of Life" Creative Theater...And How You Can Create It 

Is Low-Income Equal to At-Risk?

Respectful Representation: Intentionality in Classroom Literature

Strategies to Impact Urban Elementary Student Reaching Achievement in the Classroom and After-School Academic Enrichment Programs

This Storytime Village project, in partnership with Wichita State University, was supported in part by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


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