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Early Literacy Curriculum Developer

  • Job Status: Contractual

  • Location: Remote

  • Work Schedule: Flexible

  • Reports to: CEO

  • Ideal Start Date: October 4, 2021 


Position Summary:

We are looking for a Curriculum Developer to join our team as a contractual worker for a 1-year term. This is a wonderful opportunity to create learning experiences and help shape how children develop. Curriculum Designer responsibilities include selecting appropriate instructional methods, and defining time frames. As part of our team, you will design and create early literacy curriculum materials, as well as provide training materials for childcare providers on how to apply these tools in a daily practice. Applicants who have a master’s degree, teaching license, and classroom experience are strongly preferred.


This position is available as a remote position, and will include regular check-ins to determine progress and assess milestones of the project. The ideal applicant will be an independent worker who is comfortable handling a large project and delivers on a deadline. If you have experience structuring educational programs and are familiar with both classroom-style and web-based courses, we’d like to meet you.


Curriculum Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Define course objectives

  • Determine evaluation criteria

  • Set learning objectives for lessons

  • Design content delivery and assessment methods

  • Develop curriculum lessons from start to finish

  • Determine ways to integrate technology into the classroom

  • Provide training materials or workshops to educators

  • Designing detailed educational curriculum, including topics, dates and number of hours required per course

  • Creating engaging training course content 

  • Provide manuals and guidelines on how to use curriculum


Curriculum Developer Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in education, instructional design, or curriculum development

  • Valid teaching license (strongly preferred)

  • Previous teaching experience (strongly preferred)

  • Strong computer skills

  • Communication skills


Schedule and Pay

  • Ideal start date: October 4th, 2021

  • Flexible schedule; remote work; regular check-in meetings will be established with the team, but otherwise work can be done at own pace and during preferred hours.

  • Contract pay: $40,000 for 1-year project, October 2021-October 2022 


Interested applicants can submit their resume and cover letter using the form below. Applications accepted until position is filled.

Early Literacy Curriculum Developer
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