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A Summer of Service

Storytime Village is now searching for individuals, age 18-24 for our summer associate program. Applicants will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills and obtain valuable work experience over the summer, with the added bonus of an education stipend awarded at the end of service. The Summer Associate program begins June 6- August 12.

Below are descriptions of the positions we are looking to fill. If you are interested, or you think you know someone who would fit the position well, contact for more information. The application deadline for all positions is on May 11th, 2022.


Open Postions

Early Literacy Associate


Early literacy associates will provide summer outreach for Storytime Village’s early literacy programs in preschools and daycares and the community.

Creative Writing Instructor


Creative writing instructors will contribute to the development of lesson plans, manage a classroom, and instruct our 3rd-5th grade students in writing and illustrating their books during our LEAP summer camp.

Instruction Aides


Instruction aides will assist the creative writing instructor by working closely with LEAP summer camp participants as they write and illustrate their books, and participate in other camp activities. 

Production Associate


Storytime Village: The Show. They will work with the production team to arrange filming schedules, coordinate with actors, and assist  the production manager in the planning, execution, and logistics of filming. 

Special Events Associate


The special events associate will work closely with our coordinator to plan and execute special events for both LEAP camp and Storytime Village’s Summer and fall schedule of events.  

Outreach Associate


Outreach associates will help execute and  participate in community outreach activities and special events for Storytime Village. 

Marketing Associate


The marketing associate will work with our coordinator to develop marketing materials for LEAP summer camp and Storytime Village’s summer and fall schedule of events. 

Web Designer


The web designer will be responsible for designing and implementing changes and updates to Storytime Village's current website. This individual will work closely with the marketing director and CEO to identify the best way to tell the organization's story through website format. By the end of the summer, the web designer will have a completed website design to include in a professional portfolio.



The photographer/videographer will work closely with the marketing director and outreach team in order to attend all Storytime Village events and document activities through photographs and videos. This individual should have some experience with photography, videography, and editing.

The application deadline for all positions is May 11th, 2022. 

Full-time Positions

Storytime Village is now searching for individuals for the year-long VISTA program. Applicants will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills and obtain valuable work experience as well as receive benefits, including health insurance and childcare, and an educational stipend awarded at the end of service. These positions are full-time and will begin June 6, 2022 and end June 6 2023. 

Below are descriptions of the positions we are looking to fill. If you are interested, or think you know someone who would be, contact for more information.

Open Postions

VISTA Leader

The VISTA Leader will help to expand and enhance current projects and sustainability by recruiting VISTA members. VISTA Leaders will also develop and implement trainings for members, maintain regular communication with them, track weekly reports, promote member success stories, and assemble data for reporting. The VISTA Leader will help build capacity for Storytime Village by supporting the activities of the VISTA members who are working to improve literacy rates in Kansas. Candidate must have completed one year of service as a VISTA to qualify. 

Education Programs Coordinator

The VISTA member will plan, coordinate, and oversee team members and volunteers for various Storytime Village programs and projects. They will also help to revise policies, procedures, and documents to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of Storytime Village’s educational programming. 

Outreach Coordinator 

The Outreach Coordinator VISTA will help plan, schedule, coordinate, execute, and evaluate Storytime Village’s educational and community outreach events and programs. Programs include author readings and signings, books drive, camps, school assemblies, workshops, Storytime Village The Show programs, and more, promoting and fostering lifelong learning and outreach activities for individuals, families, organizations, and communities. The Outreach Coordinator VISTA will help to manage all aspects of the events from planning and creating actionable timelines, technical arrangements, to attending events to ensure all pieces are running as planned.

Fundraising and Development Coordinator

The Fundraising & Development VISTA will serve to support the expansion and function of Storytime Village during this period of growth. The Development VISTA will work with Storytime Village’s fund development team to build the capacity of the organization through the exploration of available community resources and the creation of grant proposals. The position will also include a supporting role in planning fundraising and donor acknowledgment events.

Early Literacy Outreach Coordinator 

The VISTA will establish connections and create an outreach plan for their community site, including author readings and signings, book drives, camps, school assemblies, workshops, Imagine Learn Grow programs, and more: all to encourage a lifelong love of reading for pre-K through 3rd grade students. The VISTA will plan and execute the outreach schedule through coordination with community authors, teachers, educators, and families, the recruitment and training of volunteers, and through the tracking and reports of engagement in programs and outreach activities.

Diversity Outreach Coordinator

The VISTA member will design, promote, coordinate, and evaluate community outreach programs and services for children and families in the BIPOC community; build relationships with schools and organizations for the purpose of promoting early literacy, family engagement, Storytime Village programs and encouraging community partnerships; be the key contact for specific outreach locations, communicating and scheduling with teachers or program director; collect statistics on programs and attendance, and complete reports as necessary; assist other team members with program preparation and coordination as assigned; collaborate with other staff on projects and events; and participate in continuing education opportunities and professional development.

Research Coordinator

The Research Coordinator will collect data on the Kansas community to identify areas with the most need to help our organization create the most targeted literacy programming. The VISTA member will also initiate an annual data review of literacy rates across the state, our targeted communities, and the outcomes of literacy programming across the state, while also tracking intermediate and long-term outcomes of all Storytime Village programs and events and researching best practices of evidence-informed programs that might be incorporated into Storytime Village's project.

The application deadline for all positions is May 11th, 2022.