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Storytime Village hires individuals, ages 18 and older, for our Summer Fellowship Program. Applicants will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills and obtain valuable work experience, with the added bonus of an stipend or cash award at the end of the summer service.

Below are descriptions of the positions we are looking to fill. If you are interested, or you know someone who would fit the position well, you can apply at

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Act as the three main characters of Storytime Village: The Show. Rhonda, Bella, and LeRoy will attend all shooting of the show, and help the production team 

Production Manager

Responsible for the planning, execution, and logistics of filming.

Storytime Village:
The Show

They will work with the production team to arrange filming schedules, coordinate with actors, and provide direction while on set.

Music Producer

Help arrange and record music for Storytime Village: The Show. Applicants should have a musical background that could transfer to either composing, arranging, playing, or recording music.

Special Events Associate

Work closely with our special events coordinator to plan and execute special events for both LEAP camp and Storytime Village's fall schedule of events.

Marketing Associate

Work with our marketing coordinator to develop marketing materials for LEAP summer camp and Storytime Village's fall schedule of events.

Web Designer

Responsible for designing and implementing changes and updates to Storytime Village's current website. The individual will work closely with the marketing director and CEO to identify the best way to tell the organization's story through website format. 


Work closely with the marketing director and outreach team in order to attend all Storytime Village events and document activities through photographs and videos. The individual should have some experience with photography, videography, and editing.

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Creative Writing Instructor

Contribute to the development of lesson plans, manage a classroom, and instruct our 3rd- 5th grade students in writing and illustrating their books during our LEAP summer camp. 

Instruction Aides

Assist the creative writing instructor by working closely with LEAP summer camp participants as they write and illustrate their books, and participate in other camp activities.

Early Literacy Associate

Will contribute to the development of early literacy curriculum to be distributed in preschools and day cares in the Kansas area.

Outreach Associate

Work closely with our outreach coordinator to participate in community outreach activities for Storytime Village.

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