How to Incorporate Literacy Into Everyday Life

Five tips for preparing children to read all throughout the day.

Sometimes, it can seem daunting for parents to teach their children literacy skills from a young age, especially when balancing work, play, and other priorities. However, literacy entails not only reading and writing, but also speaking and listening. Luckily, parents can incorporate these foundational skills for literacy into everyday life, whether at home or on the go. The following tips are aimed toward parents of toddlers and preschoolers as well as early readers.

Reading aloud to your child

Reading aloud to children is one way to foster literacy skills. Whether fitting in reading during a few spare minutes of free time or having a set routine before bed, reading books aloud is important. First, it helps expose children to basic concepts of reading. As parents read, children will become more aware of print and that letters form words. Since books also contain a wider variety of words than in regular conversation, reading will also expand their vocabulary. This better prepares children for when they start reading on their own.

In addition, parents reading to their children also helps them understand how books work. Toddlers learn how to hold a book correctly and when to turn the pages. They can even practice holding the book themselves. Parents can also move their finger under the words as they are reading, which will let the child know to read left to right. All of these can be helpful in preparing a child to read.