Summer Reading Tips

Ways to incorporate reading and fun activities throughout the summer.

What is summer learning loss?

During summer, many children spend less time reading and more time playing. While enjoying summer break is important, the few months off of school can lead to children losing important academic skills. Often referred to as the “summer learning loss” or the “summer slide”, children return from summer break with decreased reading skills. This setback is more likely to impact children from low-income families, whose reading achievement declines while middle-class students’ skills improve or stay the same. The extent of loss also increases for higher grade levels.

While academic skills in all areas are important, literary skills can impact success in all subjects. This means children should keep reading during the summer. However, reading doesn’t have to take away from summer break. Through fun activities, parents can incorporate reading into their child’s summer schedule.

Tips for summer reading and activities

  • Read a few books

Children don’t have to read many books over the summer to stay at reading level. Reading only six books can still help children be prepared for school. Encourage children to find books around their interests or favorite topics. That way, reading will be more enjoyable and fun. If you need help finding books, you can also visit your local library.