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What is the Kansas Literacy Festival?

A day-long community event that provides literacy enrichment to Kansas youth through targeted festival programs, events, and activities that encourage early learning, family engagement, and access to books.

Coming September 2021.

But don't worry, the fun starts before then! Kansas Literacy Festival activities will launch in January of 2021, with the help of our Digital Partners

Become a Digital Partner

Our plan is to reach the entire state of Kansas, mobilize our communities, and create a statewide network of people and organizations to fight for equity in literacy.

As a digital partner, you will create and implement literacy programming in your own community. Then, in September 2021, you will bring your project to showcase at our in-person festival.

We’re looking for teachers, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals who share a common goal: improving children’s access to books and love for reading.

Kansas Literacy Festival Mission: To ignite excitement in Kansas students to read and write, while mobilizing communities of teachers, artists, reading specialists, administrators, and families to fight for equity in children’s literacy.  



  • Supply Kansas children with experiences and tools to inspire a lifelong love of reading. 

  • Provide accessible and engaging literacy programming to improve the low literacy rates of underserved Kansas youth.  

  • Offer teacher education that provides resources to use the arts to better teach literacy. 

  • Expose reading specialists, administrators, and families to diverse children’s literature that will enhance learning experiences for children.

  • Create a statewide community of authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, and literary and storytelling organizations that will partner to make an even greater impact with our Kansas Youth. 

80% of a child's brain is formed between birth and age 3.

More than 1 in 3 American children start Kindergarten without the skills they need to learn to read.

Reading, rhyming, singing and talking influences literacy and language development.

Be the Village, Be a Partner

Literacy is the foundation on which all skills are built, but it takes more than just parents and teachers to lay the groundwork. That’s why Storytime Village is inviting you to join us as a digital partner. 


Early literacy is essential for our Kansas children. So join us in creating this essential literacy programming throughout the state. 

Already have a literacy program? Great! Have some ideas you'd like to try out? Also great! Submit your project proposal and become a part of the village we are creating. 

Accepting project proposals: 09/30/20- 10/30/20

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